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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Visitors and Graduation

Benji and Milo, one week old.
The week the babies were born was quite a busy week. We came home from the hospital on Sunday, the 10th, Easter Sunday. Mom left for home on Monday, Josh finished up his finals on Tuesday and Wednesday, and family came into town on Thursday. My cousin, Jake got married in Salt Lake Thursday morning and my whole family was in town for the event and Josh's graduation was on Friday, so that brought his mom and Ty into town as well! So we spent Thursday evening with Jamie and Ty, then woke up bright and early to get Josh ready for graduation. It wasn't until about 15 minutes before he was supposed to be
Uncle Tyler
there that he decided he would rather stay home with me and the boys and visit with family. Have I mentioned how sweet of a man I married?! Jamie and Ty came to the apartment and I got myself ready for our first family photos! It was right when I finished getting ready that my dad and Tyler got to the apartment for a quick visit. It was Tyler's first time meeting the boys and he was so excited to hold them! With all of the extra hands available, we bundled up the boys and headed out to the backyard for some photos. Ryan and Janelle took turns visiting and the Leonardsons came down for a quick visit in the afternoon. It was so much fun to have family in Provo!
Uncle Ryan
Jake, Trevor and Savannah were unable to come down to meet the boys because of work and the school play they were in, "Man of la Mancha". So on Saturday morning, Josh and I made a very spur of the moment decision to head up to Idaho and surprise them with the boys in tow. We called the pediatrician to make sure it was an okay thing to do, double checked with Jamie and the family, quickly packed up what we needed for an overnight stay, fed the boys, loaded up the car and headed to Idaho! Josh was a few minutes late for the play, but was well rewarded after the play when he saw the complete look of surprise on the boys' faces! When Jake saw Josh there his jaw dropped and he screamed, "Where are my nephews?!" He was very excited to meet Benji and Milo. We only got a few hours of visiting in, but those hours were well worth the effort! Our sweet boys are so Loved!

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