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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Idaho, week two.

The second week of the trip was full of fun days. We played with Nanna and Poppa, we spent a day at the park with all of our cousins, we went to the Zoo with Grandma, and we visited Grandma and Grandpa Red, and we got to talk to both Jake and Tyler. The boys and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Idaho was good to us! 
Nanna and Poppa have the best toys! 

Fun for everyone! 

Riding Poppa's fourwheeler.
The boys wouldn't stop talking
about it! 
I got to do Charlie's hair. Life is good.

Coloring with Sophie.
All smiles! 
I walked in on Ryan watching
all of the kids...
Miles and Sophie are pretty good pals.
...and by kids, I mean the Golden State Warriors.
It's an exclusive book club.
Charlie, the selfie master.
Such a cutie. 
We love Palmsky! (Elder Palmer)
Hooray for Mother's Day!

Park day with the cousins, and all of Ryan's energy, was a blast!!
Macie was kind enough to give
Benji a ride.

So kind. Thanks, Macie!

Grandpa is the best swing pusher.
For the record, I did NOT
fit down that slide very well.

It's always a party at the Freddy house! 

Milo didn't want to leave
my side. 
I won't complain. 
Proof that Jamie washes
her veggies. 
I don't think the boys get enough attention when we go
to Nanna and Poppa's house...

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Yeah, he fit in a box.
"Benji, Milo...where did
Trev go?"

So of course, I had to try too.
But being shorter and skinnier than
Trev, I had the advantage. 
Sometimes we are a little too
competitive for our own good..
Ty won the gold medal, for sure.
It is rare to see Milo sit so still.
He borrowed Linkin's "comfychair"
and sat still for 10 whole minutes!
I snagged three adorable pictures
while I could. 

Playing the "pianano" with Grandma is one
of their favorite things. 
She's my favorite sister. 
We got to Nanna Red's house and she
had Cheetos out waiting for us. It didn't take the
boys too long to warm up to them. 
The baby bear cubs were a huge hit. 
Just a little bit of Bear World exploration! 
We had a blast...except for the fact that it was about
30 degrees, without the freezing wind. Us
Arizonians had a hard time adjusting to the cold
and there were many tears shed. 
Milo, you make an adorable bear!
"Benji, can you put your head in, like Miles?"
:) Benji makes an adorable bear cub too.
So cute, Sophie!
Macie, you're adorable!
The kids were SO excited to ride the rides!
Big smiles!
Benji was less enthusiastic about these ones...
in fact, we had to stop the ride early because both
of the boys were crying. Poor kids, it's a rough life.
At the petting zoo, Miles and Macie were VERY
determined to catch the Chickens.
But gave up after a solid 10 minutes of running
and settled on the pig. 
Nice piggie...
Nice deer...
Finally, she got a Chicken!
I think the goats were as cold as the boys.
And of course, Miles found the only puddle in the park.

A twin party is always the best party.
Especially when it involves Grandpa!

Action shot! 
It must have been a good commercial to capture four
two year old's attention. 
Watching the shadows!
There's nothing better than good ol' family frolfing!

Nice form, Scott!
A pretty captivated audience. It must have
been another water shot. ;)
Nice form, Dad!

I knew it!

You make getting those frisbees look easy! Getting
them in the water and getting them out.
haha!! just kidding, big bro.


That form though...

Nice landing, Scott.

A good old fashioned selfie.
The best sisters a girl could ask for. I lucked out!

Trying to find the next hole is often a tricky task

Working on form. Nice work, RyJan!

Missing two, but we made do with what we had. 
It was so nice to be able to catch up
with some of the best from High School.

A very nice last day at the Zoo with Grandma.

I could  not get them
out of this nest..
They loved it!
Headed back home.
Thank goodness for treats and movies!
Just relaxing after a long 8 hours in the car with no sleep.
We can't wait to be home. 

Until next time, Idaho! We had a blast and can't wait to be there again in July with Josh. We also can't wait to get out of the Arizona heat. Idaho will always be home.

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