Murphy Memories

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Well, we were hoping for a few more April showers, like, maybe more than one, but we sure did find some perfect May flowers. The boys and I had a blast finding all of our favorites. We also stayed busy enjoying our last month of bearable Arizona summer weather, May treated us well.
Our favorite part of this particular Zoo trip was finding
all of the letters on the benches. 

Such smart two year olds!
Such good boys. 
Our friend, Titan the Tiger.
We wandered around the
Reparian reserve for FHE.

It will most likely be our
new favorite place. 

The boys, including Josh, loved it!

A pretty successful FHE! 
The boys found my laundry pile..

...and were VERY helpful. 

Cool cats. 

"We just taking a nap, mom."
The boys must have gotten
really worn out running in circles.
Silly boys, cute little silly faces. 
Snapchat filters, for the win.
Milo sure makes a cute puppy.
I have the cutest boys. 

"What's that Mom?"
 May was very good to us and we enjoyed every minute of it. Now, bring on that 115 degree weather, because once we get that over with, we can get back to enjoying time outside. :)

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