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Friday, August 12, 2016

Home, Home on the Range

The boys had a lot of fun
entertaining baby Link.
Okay, I am running out of clever post titles, so just bear with me. I didn't live on a range, but I did grow up near a dairy farm and that is close to the same thing, right? No. Well I did grow up in a home, so the song still applies...sort of. Anyways, after the quick trip to Boise, the boys and I made it home with enough time to spend another evening with my family and I got to run to my friend's bridal shower for a few minutes. It was such a fun night of visiting and I am so grateful for my Idahome and the people that I grew up with!
They are such good boys!
My family babysat while I ran to Sheryl's
house and not 20 minutes later, I got this
picture. Cheetos and Ice-cream cones
were dinner and they got to run through
the sprinkler. 
Thank you, everyone, for
parenting them like I do. ;)
Those were probably the best 20
minutes of their lives!
After I put the boys down, I said goodbye to my favorite
sister and her family. We are SO good at taking pictures. 

This one is my favorite. 
And then I stole Kate's phone and loaded
it with some of the best pictures she has
ever seen. You're welcome. 

Two of my favorite girls. 

Love you, sweet sister!

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