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Friday, August 12, 2016

Weclome Home, Elder Jake!

Josh was the perfect test subject for Trev as he
prepped the camera. 
Jake was supposed to fly into Idaho Falls at 2:00 Thursday afternoon. Ty and Josh planed a huge surprise for mom and planned on being at the airport to welcome him home even though she thought that neither of them would be able to make it work. Everything was working out perfectly but then we got the call that Jake wouldn't be getting in until 6. So, Ty and Josh just surprised mom at home instead. We were all there for Jake and it was such a fun homecoming! We love having him home and enjoyed the weekend together as a whole family before Trevor leaves in a couple of weeks.

Model status. 
Such a goof. 

The camera loves him. 
My turn. 


He hasn't changed much. 

Finally, we are whole again!
We spent that whole evening with extended family hearing every story that Jake wanted to tell. Then we all went to bed later than we should have and woke up earlier than we had planned to start our day. We played outside, then went to the park, and then went to the temple as a family. It was a perfect first day together again.
The whole clan.
Warming up their toes with Poppa.

All pumped up for a round of frisbee golf. 

And while the big kids frolfed, Nanna and Poppa
watched the boys have a blast at the splash pad.

Look at that concentration. 

Both boys would take turns running from the far wall
to this specific fountain where they would then slap the
water with their hand as they ran past. It was hilarious!

After Frolf, Trevor taught us all how to play

And..I am hooked. It is my new favorite!

Probably because our outfits matched.
Jake and I made a pretty good team.

Nice one, Ty!

Our favorite place with our favorite people. 
And Mexican food for the win.

Benji loves the water at Nanna and Poppa's house. 

And Miles stays entertained by touching and naming
every single flower in Nanna's flower beds.

They love playing with each other and where one goes, the other follows.
We love them both so very much!
After the Homecoming. Jake did an awesome job and
we are so glad that Amanda got to be here for it too!

She is such a sweetie and talked to Austin
all afternoon.
Family is the best.

Cute Claire.

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