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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Break in Idaho

What started out as an idea out on a limb turned into reality, thanks to Mom's generous donations. We were able to drive to Idaho for Josh's spring break and we had a blast playing with cousins all week long! The girls got a much needed evening out and our boys can't stop talking about jumping on the trampoline with Eli. We sure wish we lived a tad bit closer, but we are so grateful for the time we do get with family. It seems like this year it has been much more than the usual. We love Idaho!
These four are hilarious together.

And just the cutest sets of twins you ever did see,
I'm sure of it.

"Ryan started the fire!"

And the kids loved it.

We love playing the piano
with Grandma.

And cartoons with Grandpa
are the best.
Just some early morning bonding time.

Happy Girls night out to us!

Such wonderful company!

We got to celebrate Mom's birthday all together as a family and had a blast doing just that. The kids played hard and all of the parents got exhausted watching them play. Happy Birthday, Mom! You are loved!
Not pictured-Ryan, Katelyn, Dad, and Linkin
We need to get one of these for Mom and
Dad's house. It was a hit!

Cute little racers.
Happy Birthday, Grandma!
Dad and little Emerie.
Very popular indeed.

He is my favorite.
Miles was a little
daredevil! I kept finding
him on the highest slides!

Pizza Pie Cafe was delicious!

I turned around to find these two having a really
intense conversation. 
Smiles all around.
Sophie can always count on
Grandpa to cheer her up.

Eight of the nine with SO much personality.
We love our Grandpa Fred.
These three spent the whole week on the trampoline. They
are inseparable and the best of friends.
A blurry picture to capture
just how much love I have
for this lady.

Thanks for the golf
lessons, Uncle Ryan!

Macie loves her talks with
Uncle Josh.
What can I say? The ladies love him.

We did get to spend a little bit of time with Nana and Papa
over the week and cherished every minute of it.

Pulling out...
14 hours later.
These two are rock-star
They complained less than
their Mom!

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