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Saturday, May 6, 2017

April, the last half

Things didn't slow down for us when we got back from California. The very next day we went and bought a new van (after weeks of research), Dad came in to town for the weekend to celebrate the boy's birthday, and we celebrated my birthday the week after. Whew! April just flew by! 
Meet Ramona the Sedona

Fun games with Grandpa

Blurry photos were the best I could do!

But just look at those smiles!

Kneaders, the breakfast for champions.

Dad offered to watch the boys so we could go to
the annual Shrimp Boil. YUM!

Yummy food and great company.
Benji's first time experiencing a Jack in the Box.
It scared him every time, but he couldn't get enough!

Grandpa got the boys a new pool for their birthday.

They love it, even when it's a little chilly outside!

Haircut day for some handsome boys! Upon request,
Milo wanted "fuzzy hair with spikey in the back" and
Benji wanted his usual "soft hair".

I requested a hike for my birthday
activity and the boys were
happy to oblige.

Little Benji watching the bees.

Our make-shift hat for Milo.

Open those presents, Mom!
It really does baffle me how I never became a
model. haha! Thanks for the necklace, boys!

And thank you for the beautiful Belize bracelets, Nana and Papa.
Yummy donuts from the
Relief Society presidency.
I ate mine, Josh tried all of the others!
Josh offered to make the boy's dinner so I could
take them to the park. Life is good! And sweet Benji's
smile lights up the room.

Sweet Milo could make anyone smile! I
love all of my boys!

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