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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May, Oh May

May was good to us. Probably a little too good because it went too darn fast! We played and played hard and enjoyed every minute of it. I really do say that after every month, but it is always true! We have our hard days and every day has hard parts, but the good far outshines the bad. We are so grateful for our sweet little family and all of the joy that comes with it. 
Craft day at Home Depot is our new favorite thing.
The boys got to build flower pots and had a blast!
They couldn't wait to plant their flowers.

That's one proud little
A fun day at the park in Mesa after
our 3 year old check ups. Healthy, happy boys!
Our handsome Sunday boys
Picnic with Daddy!
Big boys headed to the pool.
I love my little pool buddies.
Life's rough.

Sweet little Milo-Bean
Showing dad their Cars stickers.

Such cute three year olds

Perfect attire for planting flowers.
They can't wait to see their flowers grow
Josh  made an incredible
fort for the boys while I
was at a presidency meeting.
It spanned the whole length
of the house!

So much fun that Miles just HAD to join him.

Benji made his own fort out of water bottles.

I love my little ducklings.

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