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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cabin Fever

The Porter's invited us to their parent's cabin for the last weekend in May and we had a blast playing in cooler weather! It was awesome being in the middle of the "wilderness" for a few days and broke up the monotony of desert scenery. We love the Porter's! Thank you for the invite!
These boys caught their fair share of bugs.

Adventure-ers at heart.
So much fun!

Nice one, Benji!
Josh taught the boys how to play horseshoes.
Cookies on the deck make life sweet.
They've got it down!

Benji couldn't get enough! 

Miles was loving his spacious camp chair.

"Mom, look at this!"

"Mom, now look at this!"
Benji got to hold a Cricket.
The excitement on his face was
hopefully enough to make up
for the Cricket bite that came
shortly after. 
Watching the pros play
some Horseshoes.

Roasting Hot Dogs with Daddy.
So much fun!
Cheetos, Watermelon, and Hot Dogs made for
a fabulous dinner. Camping life is the best!
These two looked adorable sharing a pillow.
Unfortunately my flash was on when I attempted
a picture and woke both of them up. Rookie mistake.
Enthusiasm required...especially at 5 in the morning.

They've got their game faces on!

The real life version of "Don't Wake Daddy".

The boys play games and the girls color. 

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