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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Another Trip to Idaho

At the beginning of the year, we had no idea that we would be traveling to Idaho as much as it has turned out to be. We won't complain though! The boys (all three of them) are awesome travelers and the fact that we can get home in a day is a game changer. Josh wanted to go up to shadow Dr. Mooso for a week so the boys and I tagged along. It was a fun trip! We got to talk to our missionaries and announce our exciting news to our families, making it a week to remember. 
Gaming like a pro.

Baby 3 coming in November!
Big brothers 1 and 2
We love playing with Eli

The ever elusive Sprinkles-Sparkles. 
Little Miss Sophie
stole my phone.

Playing school with Grandma

So long, sweet Viber. 

Feeding goats at the Zoo was definitely a hit.

One of these days we will get
all four of them to look at the camera.

They played on the trampoline for hours! 

Watching Grandpa in the garden is just
pure entertainment.

Aunt Kate knows how to have a good time. 

Wishing they could jump into the water. 
Sunggles after nap-time are always
better whilst watching Mario Kart. 
We might need to invest in one of these. 

Such wonderful company!
Being brave with Papa
Nicely done, Benji!
Milo Batman, to the rescue!
We love the pool balls at Nana and Papa's house!
Captain Benji 
Movie night with the Freddy's was a hit.
Sidenote(s), we did not see Baywatch but it truly
is a wonder how Kate and I didn't get cast. 
Breakfast with friends is always a good idea.

They have their kissy faces down!

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