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Monday, May 1, 2017

California, Days 1 and 2

Thanks to the generosity of dear friends, we were able to get a trip to Disneyland in before the boy's 3rd birthday. We spent the weekend in California on our first family vacation, having the time of our lives. The boys had a blast and we all came home exhausted, the signs of a successful trip. We can't wait to go again!
We pulled in to the hotel around
4:00 on Saturday afternoon.
Immediate pillow forts are a must.

We decided on a trip to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner. 

Aside from the frequent
thunderstorms, the boys

We explored Downtown Disney for an hour or so after
dinner and although I didn't get any other pictures,
we did have a lot of fun browsing all of the shops.
Sunday morning called for an Easter celebration.

The boys loved their Easter egg hunt!
Such happy, handsome, hunters.

They would clap and cheer for every treat!
Every egg was thrilling to open.
Candy was good, but four new cars? They could
hardly contain their excitement!

The boys and I (mostly me) were
getting restless in the hotel room,
so we went exploring.
But they were entertained for
a good hour or so! 
Dipping our feet in quickly turned
into much more. 

Sun bathing has never
been this much fun.

The boys got an early birthday present for
our day out in the sun.
They loved them!

We couldn't wait to get our toes wet. 

Miles was brave and took some deeper steps
with Daddy.
But we might have changed our minds when the
waves were stronger than expected.

The boys were a little nervous after the strong waves, so Josh and I picked them up and walked up to our knees in the water. The boys loved when the waves would crash into us. We had a few waves almost knock me over but the boys thought it was hilarious! I'm so glad we got to experience the ocean with them.  
Sand castles at the beach are a must.

Miles loved his new shovel.

He took on the role of overseer instead of builder.

And took his role very seriously.

After sandcastles in the sand
we set out on an exploration. 

Adventurous little Benji

Fearless boys!

The view from the top of the rocks.

I think Disneyland has some pretty stiff competition
for the happiest place on earth.

One, two, three....GO!

One, two,!

He makes those waves look good.

See that little black spot, just 20 yards
from us? It was a Seal/Sea Lion!

Pretty awesome! 

Muscles at the beach!

Three fingers for our big three year olds.
It was a perfect first trip to the beach and one
that we will never forget. 

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