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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Loads of fun to start our April

Seriously, life has been so busy. But we have tried to have fun with all of it! We love visitors and we lucked out by getting a weekend with Aunt Kate before our big move. Oliver turned five months old and we also celebrated four years with our amazing boys. Gosh, we couldn't feel more blessed. Life is good. It's SO busy right now, but also so good. We are trying to savor every day and make every day count because we know how fast they go!
5 fast months with our sweet boy.
Oliver is our little ray of sunshine. He is as
happy as ever and loves to play. Whenever
he gets attention, he just wiggles with
excitement. He doesn't say much except for
"Ahh-Gheeee" but he is always quick to
give a smile. He rarely cries and is such
a light in our home. He is so loved!
Snuggles with Sophie

I lucked out with some amazing sisters.
Quite the crew!
Cousins, sand, and sunshine. There
is nothing better!
"A Quiet Place" did not disappoint.

The fish at Bass Pro Shop were a hit
Quite the crew!

Terrible lighting, but definite cuties.

Josh was the only adult brave enough to get into
the freezing water. Thanks, Joshy.

A weekend with Kate wouldn't be complete
without a mini shopping trip (ironically).
Thanks for the fun weekend, sweet sister!
I had to snag a picture of the four of us at Walmart. I get
told often that I will look back on these days with fondness
and I don't have any doubt in my mind that it's true.
I love these sweet boys! (and their daddy)

Our dentist is #1!

We love Dr. Murphy
We may have stolen the idea from one of Josh's classmates,
but we couldn't pass up a good family photo-op for
Dr. Murphy's graduation announcement.
It took a lot of coaxing, but this
sleepy boy was able to get a nap in while
his brothers got their teeth cleaned.

Benji may or may not have squirted Josh in the
face with the water syringe. HILARIOUS.
Grandma Mabbott requested a picture of the boys
with their names. Gosh, they are too cute.

A day at the park is always a good day.

I love these two SO very much.

Just so everyone is aware, I will NOT
miss these cockroaches. But the boys
may miss me jumping and screaming
at the sight of them.
Oh...the joys of dental school and
the beauty of veneers. 

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