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Thursday, December 18, 2014

8 months old

Well, time doesn't slow down and neither do the boys! Eight months have gone by way too quickly and we are sure that with crawling, walking and talking, these next few are going to go even faster. Bring it on!
Here is what they are up to at eight months old:

-They are both SO close to crawling.
Miles and Benjamin
 ~Benji will do what we think looks a lot like swimming on land. He will lean on one side of his body and reach with the other side. Then lean on that side and reach with the opposite. He might have his uncles beat on their Freestyle time because he is pretty darn fast!
   ~Milo does a little inchworm to get around. He will get up on his knees, rock back and forth, then lurch forward to where he wants to go. A few times he has overshot his target and face planted on what he was shooting for. His little noggin is covered in little bruises from the corners of books. Poor guy!

-They are starting to give kisses! Benji is more willing to give them on command but Miles is slowly coming around. He is just a little bit more selective with the time and place for a good smooch.

-They love playing Peek-A-Boo.

-They LOVE reading books. It is the only time we can get both to hold still!

-Miles really doesn't like to hold still for anything other than books. He will try to roll away from a diaper change, socks, his shirt, his pants, lotion and his towel.

-Their new favorite food is little pieces of bread and rice snacks.

-They are both trying to figure out how to wave.

-They scream when I hold up the carrier because they know that the carrier means it is time for a walk.

-Benji now gargles his spit whenever he gets the chance.  

They are such happy boys and we feel so blessed to be their parents! When people see us with the two of them they say things like, "You have your hands full!" or "Twins?! I don't know how you do it!" and "You need all the help you can get!" Or we get things like, "I am sure you aren't getting ANY sleep at night." and "How do you even get out of the house?". Well, random people at the grocery store, it is tricky getting out of the house, and yes, we do have our hands full because well, two babies and two hands, Nice observation. Actually we are getting sleep and we have got it all under control. Thank you for your comments.
Days are tricky sometimes and it can be stressful, but our hearts are full of joy and our home is full of laughter. We love our big boys and we are so glad you are ours! We wouldn't want our hands full of anything else. :) Happy eight months, boys!

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