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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Life is Good!

Benji, just blowing some Spit Bubbles.
Benjamin and Miles are so much fun. If we aren't laughing at them, they are usually laughing at each other. They are moving more and more and they are starting to see and understand the world around them. They love going on walks and feeling the sun on their faces. They love feeling the leaves and touching grass. They love finding new toys and trying to get to places they know are off limits. Life is good! Josh and I are enjoying our fun and happy boys and taking one day at at time; trying to enjoy the calm before the storm (crawling), that could literally happen ANY day.

Miles, trying to grab the camera.

So close!
We love 70 degree weather in November. B&M

Josh and I are really proud of our Baby-proofing. 
Miles, loves his blankets! 

Sneaky, sneaky! 

Milo got all tangled up in his pajamas. 

Benji, helping Mom fold some laundry. Thanks. 
Oh, hello, Milo-Bean!

Benji loves giving his brother kisses. 

I think it's pretty clear how Miles feels about it. 
Aww! Benji and Daddy

Miles, still a little sleepy after a nap, found a binkie. 

Milo found his binkie and Benji wants it back. 
You can't eat socks, Miles. You can't eat socks. 

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