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Friday, December 5, 2014

Peoria Thanksgiving

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, the Murphys decided to drive all of the way to Arizona so we could spend the holiday together. We were so excited! On Monday, the 24th, Josh and I drove the hour to Peoria (we stayed in Jay Marsden's condo) to get things ready and get ourselves situated for the week. Yep, we moved up to Peoria for the week! The rest of the family pulled in late Monday night, ready for a week of fun in much more sun than Idaho.
Grandma loves late night snuggles with Miles.
It had been five months since everyone had seen the boys and they were so excited to spend time with them. We went on a lot of walks, took a lot of pictures and played with a lot of toys. The boys definitely got some extra attention than normal, that's for sure! We had so much fun and can't wait for the Christmas break in a few weeks.
Grandpa, enjoying some quality time with Benji.

Trevor feeding Miles

 Benji, loving his dinner
Miles, loving Trev's feeding skills! 

Benji and Uncle Ty

Ty, had a lot of fun taking photos in the car. 

Benji was a good little model. 

Miles got a little bored..

Beautiful Apache Junction

Josh found our first Scorpion!

We sure do live in a beautiful place.

Our first meal-Gourmet Hamburgers

Uncle Ty taking a whack at feeding Benji.

Benji wasn't sure what to think.

Milo, squeaky clean! 
All clean after a bath. 

Benji loves his Grandma. 

Hey there, Miles! 

Miles loves his Uncle Trevor. 

All smiles! 

Early morning s'mores! 

Silly faces! Trev actually burned his shoulder. 

Such handsome boys! 

Benji got stuck with the girls. 

Exploring Apache Junction! 

Arizona is starting to grow on us. 

Miles, thinks he is So cool. Grandma thinks
she is So funny :)

Some yummy Mexican food for dinner. 

The boys' first time eating out! Miles and Benjamin

Miles got a little sleepy. 

Just an early morning trim! 

O-H-I-O! We were really missing Jake. 

Benji and Trevor

Milo talking to Ty. 

Blueberry Cream Cheese, Banana Cream and French Silk,
we love pie! 

Miles and Benji, keeping us entertained during a bath. 

1000 pieces of  pure entertainment

"Baby says, 'Moo'!" 

Miles, Trev, Benji
The last supper-Fajitas. And they were Delicious! 

We had so much fun during Josh's week long break and we were so very happy to spend it with family! 

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