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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our 70 degree December

They are fascinated with birds!
Benji with his favorite toys! 

The boys help me out at Wal-Mart. 
We walk to get the mail. 
December in Arizona is not too shabby! We go on walks in our short sleeve shirts and enjoy some beautiful light rain storms. We keep our windows open during the day because the temperature is just perfect outside! We are definitely enjoying ourselves. Here are some of the things we have done this December.

The boys have upgraded to 12 month pajamas.

They Love playing together. 
Benji loves giving hugs and kisses to Miles. 
The best of friends! 
Miles and Benji
Miles and Benji met Santa Claus and loved him! 
We found a rose blooming in December!
Miles loves the Christmas tree. 

Benji has started to pick up his brother's weird habits.

You can't eat washcloths, Benji. You can't eat washcloths.

But still so cute. 
"Wassup, Daddy?" -Milo
The boys love their books, and their daddy.
Reading before bedtime. Miles and Benji.

The best of buds! 

Josh got to play with some wax at school Nice work!

We love our time together :)

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  1. Hey Lincoln has those same striped long-sleeved onesies! :) I love them. He's wearing the yellow and grey one today.