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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas at the Freddy's

All squished in and ready to go! 
Miles, ready for take off!
Benji, ready to go! 

Benjamin and Winnie the Pooh
Sisters reunited after six long months!
It took two long days of driving and an overnighter in St. George, but we finally got to Idaho on Saturday the 20th of December. The boys were wonderful travelers! We spent the first five days with the Fredricksons and the last five with the Murphys and had a blast with both families!
Miles and Daddy
At the Freddy home there were A LOT of little children. So we spent most of our time inside cleaning up messes, changing diapers and containing the chaos. When we did get a few extra minutes, we played a lot of card games and Josh won "The Bidding Game" for the first time since we got married. I may or may not have bribed my whole family to let him win...Just Kidding! Dad got an all time low in Yahtzee, (109) but he claims to be a professional. We had a lot of fun laughing and spending some much needed time all together before Tyler leaves on his mission!
Tyler with Benji

He is a pro! 

Liv and Kate
Josh and Miles, Tyler holding Benji
Tyler is definitely the favorite uncle (on the Freddy side).
"Hailee, can I play your phone?!" -Eli
All five babies, less than a year apart. 
Liv, Kate and Scott
Ty, Sophie and Ryan
Macie and Janelle
Enough tickeling already! We are smiling! 
Tyler and Macie
Oh, Hey Benji! 
Eli loves his cousin, Kai. 
Tyler gets a lot of practice with babies. 

We love Grandma and Grandpa Fred

It's a rare occasion when Charlie isn't glued to Joshy.
We love little Charlie
Smile, Dad! 
So intense! 
Tyler wanted to show off his new Christmas shirt.
He is definitely going to be missed next year!
Cheesy smiles.
Our usual Christmas Eve "selfie"
A three Freddy selfie

Merry Christmas! 
Everyone went back and forth from in-law's houses to the Freddy home on Christmas day, but we all ended up together for dinner and our annual dollar gift stocking exchange. After all of the kids went down, we let the real fun begin. It always results in lots of laughs and good memories.
Tyler also had a lot of fun taking photos with our new camera.

Our attempt at an awesome sibling photo...Tyler couldn't breathe. 

Thanks for the help, Scott! 

He must work out! Or the girls are just weak-sauce.

A pyramid was a much better idea.

So cute! 
Christmas Perfection.
Tyler's very own baby spoons.

Hey, nice "selfie", Tyler. Those teeth look great.

"Kate, Tyler said to take a 'kissy' picture." -Scott

Much better :)

Our new profile picture. maybe. 

Janelle's genuine reaction. That's a lot of ones!

What's it going to be?
Their new profile pic. 

There's a smile!
We love Sammy!

A much better selfie. Ty, you've got skills.
The perfect couple! 

Tyler LOVES Martinelli's. We splurged
and got him the big jug.

Our attempt at a "kissy" picture. Nice!
We love you, Mom! 

Chug, chug, chug!

I love my dollar store socks! 

Playing "The Favorite's Game".
Looking good!
Cool story, Scott!

Merry Christmas, Benji! 

Merry Christmas, Milo!

Miles loves Grandpa.

Smiles for the camera! 

So cute! 

It was too cold to go on walks outside.
So, we made do without fresh air.
Miles loved it!  
Benji was thoroughly entertained. 
Benji snuggling with Grandma.

Playing with their new favorite toy.
Miles and Daddy
Benji and Grandpa
Just reading books.

Tyler, exhausted after a late night showing of "The Hobbit".

Miles Loved the tree.
Such good looking boys! 


Benji wanted in on the fun. 

Benji and Grandpa

Miles and Sophie

The girls aren't sure what to think of the boys...

Miles loved playing with Sammy.

Benjamin loved Sprinkles
Benji loved being at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Grandma with the twins.
That's one proud Great-Grandpa!

Charlie loves her Uncle Josh!
Josh helped Dad replace the garage door opener
and this was the only photo to come from the
whole process. Nice work Dad. You're a pro!
We loved every minute of our time with my family and are counting down the days until our next visit home.

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