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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas at the Murphy's

The boys and I all ended up with a cold during our week with the Murphys, making our energy and excitement levels very low for the few days we were there. They were very understanding though and took us under their wings! Jamie did a lot of reading and singing out loud and all of us took turns walking with the boys. It might not have been the most exciting visit for the family but we enjoyed every minute and tried to make the most of it! Thanks for taking care of all of us!
Grandma reading some books. 

Miles loved reading with Grandma.

The boys loved all of the extra love and attention. 
Miles in his manly walker. 


Moki watching over the toys

Benji, totally relaxed. 

The boys loved hearing the piano!

Miles and Benji

We found bubbles were a good source of entertainment.

Reading with Grandma while Josh and I were at bowling.

Ty and Trev are very good babysitters. :)

Miles, Luke and Benji

Such cute boys, just six weeks apart! 

Let the Snack Feast begin! 

Merry Christmas! Josh still looks a little

Christmas morning

Grandma, why did you put me in a box?

Benji, loving the manly walker. 

Reunited (sort of) and it feels so good! 

We loved talking to Jake on Christmas! 
Fondue party with the wonderful Hoovers 
Miles with Great Grandpa Steadman

Benji with Great Grandma Steadman

So sick, but still so cute! 

Play time with Grandpa!

Loving every minute of it. 

Shooting guns. Josh obviously hasn't been in cold weather for a few months. 

Nice work, Josh! 
Fried chicken! Mine and Grandpa's favorite 
Painting Mom's herb shelf that Dad built.
It's looking so good! 

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