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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our 2015 Thus Far

Out on a walk, our first Sunday back. They
enjoyed it more than the photo shows.
2015 has started out great in the Murphy home. New toys from Christmas and 70 degree weather have treated us well. The boys are as active and happy as ever and we spend every minute of the day playing.

Miles, happy to be home!

Benji, enjoying his Sunday

I love catching these sweet moments.

Miles, Dad and Benji reading stories before bed.

They love books. 

Benji and Miles, reading out loud 

One of the boys almost always has a foot in the face. Benji
fell victim this time. 

Dad  trying to entertain the boys...and himself. 

Miles LOVES the camera.

Snuggles before nap time.

Miles and Benjamin, the best of friends. 

Cute bums! Miles in the back, Benji in the front. 

More friendly wrestling matches.

Benji, getting Milo back. 

"What Mom? He isn't crying yet!"

Benji is getting his top teeth! SO CUTE!

Miles, posing for the camera.

Ready, set, GO!



Benji, just hanging out.

Silly Miles


Miles loves showing off for the camera.

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