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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Their New Favorite Toy

We have found that the boys make toys out of everything we give to them and anything they can find. We have tubes from the breast pump in the toy basket, along with straws from my water bottle, and crinkly wipe wrappers. These seem to be some of their favorite toys! Their new favorite thing to do is empty out the toy box and play with the box itself. They are entertained for hours by this plastic box! It is a blast to watch them play peek-a-boo and wrestle over the box. It has resulted in some minor bumps and bruises, but we all think it is worth it to have such a fun toy around! Who knew that all we would need for entertainment was a see-through box?!
Let the fun begin! 

Go, Miles, Go!

Miles, having the time of his life!

"Miles, I want to play now!"

Two can definitely fit.

Nice teamwork!

Benji and Miles

Too cute! 

So much fun! 

We love the toy box!

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