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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wrapping up our January

Benjamin, just hanging out with Dad. 
Miles loves his Banana toothbrush.
We are loving the green grass and warm weather!
Miles in the stripes
Wow, January went by super-duper fast. Days seemed to go by slowly with harder classes for Josh and long, cold (cold, like a wind chill of 50 degrees. It's pretty pathetic that I think that is cold, right?) days stuck inside with the boys, but now that it is February 2nd I'm sitting here wondering how the weeks went by so quickly! Looking back, we filled our January with fun walks outside and adventures inside. We are loving this "cold" 70 degree season Arizonians call winter. But, we are getting more and more used to this weather and we might just claim Arizona as our own. (Remind me I said that when it is 120 degrees in a few months...)

Benjamin, cheesin' for the camera.
Such cute boys! 
Miles and Benji, helping Mom paint.
Just going on our daily walk! Benji and Miles 
Benji is getting really good at holding his bottle.

Miles loves looking out the window.
Miles has found a good substitute for his blanket,
a cute little Hippo hand.

Miles loves his naps too.

Benji, loving his afternoon nap.
We found an awesome Duck pond near our house
and the boys can't get enough! They were just a little
hesitant to show it in front of the camera...

Such fun ducks and geese! 
Benji loved spending the afternoon in the park.

B, loving his new "toy". 

Miles just wanted to eat the grass. 

We love Arizona in January! 

Milo has a new favorite spot to play. 

Even if it gives him a little trouble getting in an out. 

They could play like this for hours! 

The boys love their new little Jacuzzi. 

Benji was completely relaxed. 

Benjamin and Miles

They couldn't get enough! 
Not the best picture, but they love
their little fort. 
Benji in the box, Miles looking for the spotlight. 

Benji loves his little box. 

Sheesh, they are so easy to entertain! 

Well, hey there Milo! 


So content in their boxes of fun.
That's what we call them, Magical Boxes of Fun. 

Double team! B&M

Dad is SO captivating. 

I promise it wasn't as much torture as
the picture lets you believe.
The boys are so content and happy with anything and everything the days throw at them. We find fun wherever we can and enjoy every minute of the day! We can't wait to see what adventures February brings. Hopefully it comes in the form of another Pampers box. 

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  1. They are SO CUTE! I love that they are like the cutest little playmates. :) So fun.