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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The First Five Days of February

So far February has been pretty good to us. We have had some rainy
His lip right after the incident. 
days but we have had fun both inside and out. We had our first injury this week. Miles was giving some pretty passionate kisses to the mirror that I lay out on the floor for them to play with when things went a little too far. I was playing with Benji when I heard Miles hit the mirror, hard. He started screaming and when I went over to get him, his little gums were bleeding and his lip was starting to swell. Poor guy! I got a cold teething ring on his lip and the swelling went down quite a bit but hopefully he has learned his lesson about passionate kissing for life...or at least until he gets married.
In other not surprising news, the boys are the best of friends. It is a rare occasion when they aren't next to each other playing and even if it does happen, it isn't long before one of them misses the other and crawls right next to him to play. I kind of feel like a third wheel, but I can't complain! It is very entertaining for me to watch and probably even more entertaining for them to play with each other than boring ol' Mom.
They played like this for a good 45 minutes,
switching toys back and forth. So cute! 

Best buds. Miles and Benji
A photo after church because we rarely
take photos together anymore. 

Naturally it escalated into an
improv, do the weirdest face, photo shoot. 

He tells me he likes kisses, but after this photo I'm
not sure if I believe him. 

So in love. :) Can't you tell? 

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