Murphy Memories

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oh, February, you have treated us well.

Life is good here in the Murphy home and February has been another one for the books. We have played hard and learned a lot and hope to have memories of it all. Hopefully these pictures help with that!
Benji, Mom, Dad and Miles eating some Sushi
We love good Sushi! 
Miles loves playing in the grass.

Benji can't get enough! 
Benji loved watching the ducks at the
duck pond.
They got really close. The boys loved it! 

The boys, just hanging out. 

We love being able to sit up during bath time! 

Miles and Benjamin

They might be getting a tad too big
for the carrier..
They are also getting a little too big to share my lap.
Benji and Miles
"Mom, just let me eat my toy in peace."
The boys love watching their uncle Tyler
play Basketball. 
Miles and Benji love helping Mom in the kitchen.

Best buds.

Benji enjoying the swings at the park.
Benji enjoyed the swings just as long as it took to
take a picture. Miles wouldn't even let me take
the picture.

They love being able to sit up in the bathtub!

Miles and Benjamin
Having the time of their lives! 

Miles loves his Seahorse.
"Really, Mom? It is just a bath." -Benji

Benjamin loves pictures.
The boys love watching Tarzan! 

Injury #2. Miles bonked his head pretty good.

Benji's favorite chew toy. 

Milo, getting pretty good at holding his bottle. 

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