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Saturday, February 21, 2015

10 months old

Life is getting crazy with two fast crawlers that just developed their pincer reflex. They crawl faster than I can keep up and grab things I didn't know were accessible and/or there. They seem to go in different directions, especially when they know they are up to no good and boy does it keep me on my toes!
Miles and Benji

Here are some of the new things happening this month:


  • He has learned how to sit up on his own and can get to that position from his tummy.
  • He likes to make it very clear when he has had enough food. He will scrunch up his face, turn his head and swat at anything remotely resembling a spoon.
  • He is learning how to pull himself on to everything. 
  • Loves climbing over Benjamin.
  • He is such a big boy and can sit in the cart on grocery trips but gets startled every time I start pushing.
  • Miles has five teeth (three on the bottom, two on top) and is working on his sixth (another on top).
  • He loves eating "big boy" food and his favorites are Bananas and Black Beans.
  • He is crawling (really, truly crawling) but only until he wants to get to his desitination faster than real crawling allows. 
  • He loves to slap the windows.
  • Miles loves to play with Benji's ears.
  • His new favorite book is We're Going on a Bear Hunt.
  • He is very good at feeding himself bread and cheerios.
  • Miles loves playing peek-a-boo.
  • He loves watching Tarzan.

  • Gets really annoyed when Miles touches him. 
  • He is very content to lay on his back to play with toys...for hours.
  • He isn't showing a deep desire to learn how to sit up on his own.
  • He loves laying on his belly in the bathtub and splashing water in his face.
  • He loves watching Tarzan.
  • He just recently figured out how to feed himself and is very proud of the fact. 
  • Benji loves eating "big boy" food and his favorites are Pears and Black Beans.
  • He loves being strapped into the carrier and pretends to run whenever I start walking. It is the cutest thing!
  • He loves reading books and his favorite right now is our book with 100 animal pictures.
  • He loves giving himself water through the sippy cup.
  • He gets startled whenever I turn on the mixer and needs to see what is going on in order to calm down. He loves watching dough in the mixer.
  • He can not stand the sound of the vacuum.
  • Benji is very tickelish.
  • He has five teeth (three on top, two on bottom) but is working on his sixth (another on top).
They love playing together and as long as things don't get too rough, they are more than happy with the other's company. Both boys are just as happy as can be and are so easy to please! We love our sweet little boys and can't believe they are as big as they are.

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  1. That's so fun! I love how different their personalities can be!