Murphy Memories

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

They take after their dad

They love watching a good movie.
They love superheroes.
Miles and Benji
They love showing off their
six packs.
Benji and Miles
They love going down slides.
Milo and Benji
They are very good at finding
ways to cool off. 

 These boys love their daddy and are following in his footsteps already. I couldn't be more proud and I am so happy that they have such an amazing hero to look up to. We love Dad!
And they are lovers of good food.
Miles and Benji 
They love each other's company.
Benjamin and Miles
And they love being outside.
They are Super CUTE!

They are very good at problem solving.
Benji really wanted the ball that mom couldn't reach.

They have a deep love for books and brushing teeth.

Milo and Benji

They are all pretty darn easy-going.

But it's hard to get them to smile for pictures.
Benji and Milo

Being a superhero is all in a day's work. 
It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it!
Benji and Milo

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