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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekends are the Best!

At the Murphy home, we love the weekend. It isn't too much different than other days of the week except for the fact that we have Josh around a lot more than normal. Which makes things more exciting for everyone! The boys love having some extra time with him and I definitely don't mind having an extra adult around for a few days. It is pretty great for all of us!
Benji loves extra Dad snuggles
on Sundays
Benji and Miles
Counting down the hours
until Dad comes home!
Miles wouldn't sit still even
though I tried to convince him
that it was nap-time.

Benjamin hasn't fallen asleep
on Dad's lap since he was
a little baby. Precious!

Sunday Family Selfie!
Trying to entertain ourselves
while Dad get's some extra sleep.
Josh always has the most fun
games to play.

The boys adore their daddy.
Miles and Benji
Although we all love the weekend, we tend to stay pretty busy throughout the week so that the next weekend can come faster. Josh stays busy studying hard at school and the boys and I find new activities to do to make time go faster.
We go find new toys at the Mall.
And then fall asleep in the car
because mom loses track of time.
Josh stays busy with a lot of volunteer work
on top of his load of homework. What a guy!

While dad is out saving the world (the teeth of the world)
we are all stuck inside (literally). 

We try out finger painting!
Miles and Benji

They were a little hesitant at first.

But quickly got the hang of it!

Benjamin, my little Bob Ross.
Miles was not a big fan of
the whole "finger"/body painting thing.
When daddy isn't around, we color on
the walls, but only when 
mom isn't looking...
And we misplace our shoes.

Basically, Josh keeps us all in line and we look forward to the sense of peace and order the weekend brings when he is around again. By Sunday we are all pumped up and ready for the new week. Thanks for all you do, Joshua!

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