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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

11 Months Old!

Miles and Benji
11 months, already? Sheesh! These months have gone by way too quickly, but we are sure glad to have happy healthy boys that grow faster than weeds in a garden. Here are some of the newest things that this last month has brought with it:

  • He has learned how to sit up on his own.
  • He is really close to pulling himself up to a standing position.
  • Benji loves to talk. 
    • Josh caught a full two minutes of non-stop talking on the camera the other day and it was just of Benji chatting with himself. 
  • He loves stealing his brother's toys.
  • He is always on the look out for Milo while he is standing because it is the optimal time to pull him down.
  • He loves watching balls/toys spin on the kitchen floor.
  • He has gotten Very good at feeding himself.
  • Benji will make the elephant noise when we get to the picture in the animal book.
  • He gets scared very easily.
  • He has developed stranger anxiety.
  • He loves laying on his back and kicking the floor very loudly (the neighbors have complained...).
  • He is learning how to plow over Milo.
  • He smiles whenever Jane comes on the screen while watching Tarzan.
  • He loves playing peek-a-boo.
  • Benji loves playing with his shadow and is very good at finding it.
  • He can say, "Daddy".
    • Josh is very proud.
  • He has gotten VERY fast at crawling.
  • He loves putting rocks in his mouth.
  • Milo is very curious.
  • He loves to climb over his brother, and anything else that stands in his way.
  • He can pull himself up to a standing position and likes to try it out on everything.
  • Miles throws a little fit every time a bedroom door gets closed (he likes to play with the door stopper).
  • He loves watching Tarzan.
  • He loves baths.
  • He is very brave. 
    • He will stick his face under the water, dive head first out of the tub, and climb straight off of mom and dad's bed.
  • He loves giving Mom mini heart attacks.
  • Miles has developed stranger anxiety.
  • He loves teeth.
    • Josh calls him his little dentist because he will just sit and pick at/stare at teeth whenever he gets the chance.
  • He loves to snuggle during Tarzan.
We love our sweet little boys! We have a little wager going and we think that Benji will start talking first and Miles will skip walking and go straight to running. We love watching our boys grow and interact with each other and with the world around them. We feel so lucky to have them here, so happy and healthy! 

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