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Monday, March 23, 2015

Mom and Tyler came to visit

Benji and Grandma, Mom and Miles
We didn't get a very long break in between visitors this time but we had just as much fun nonetheless. Grandma and Tyler got here late(ish) on Friday night after an hour delay in Idaho Falls. We picked up some Hawaiian BBQ on the way home and then started a late viewing of the third Harry Potter. Tyler had the goal of watching all of them before the weekend was over but we decided that starting halfway through the series would be an easier task to accomplish.
Benji was a little hesitant of the water, but
Miles couldn't get enough! 
So we watched the 3rd, 5th and 6th Harry Potter movies, watched While You Were Sleeping  and Enchanted, played Mario Kart, went shopping, celebrated Mom's birthday and ate junk food all weekend long: cookies, cinnamon rolls, icecream from Freddy's, popcorn, and donuts. We also took the boys swimming in their little inner-tubes and had a blast splashing around. Moral of the story? It was a fantastic weekend full of fun and good visits and great food. But we are all ready to get caught up on sleep because late night movies did a number on all of us! Thanks for coming, Grandma and Tyler, we had a blast.

Loving the water

Benji and Miles love their daddy.

Miles and Tyler, Grandma and Benji
watching some Tarzan.
Dad and Josh, Tyler and Miles


Miles loved his first taste of Watermelon! 

Big bites for Benji, and such concentration.

Benji loved his first slice of Watermelon! 

Some light Sunday reading with Grandma.

Tyler had fun with the camera.

Grandma and Benjamin warming up in the sun. 

Oh yeah, that's my good side. 

Tyler is all smiles. 

Thank you for this flattering photo, Tyler. And
thank you for dunking me in the pool.

Benji loves his books. 

Ty, you have a great eye for good photos. 

Miles and Benji love Grandma. 

Benji and Milo love their uncle Tyler. 

We are so excited he came to see us! 

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