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Friday, April 3, 2015

Life for Mr. and Mrs. Murphy

 Life has been really great as of late, busy, but great. Here are some of the big things we have done recently. Josh has finally started working in the Sim (simulation) clinic where he works with a creepy doll and fixes some fake teeth. He is getting pretty good, although I am a little hesitant to let him practice on me with the drill.

We had a fiasco the other night as we were saying our nightly prayers which turned into a fifteen minute adventure trying to catch the biggest bug of my life and my first ever cockroach. Yuck. After Josh caught it (very bravely I might add) I spent the next fifteen minutes trying to calm down and not throw up. Yeah, it was that gross...or I was just being a little girly girl about it. It was memorable to say the least and Josh now has some laughable memories of me crying over a bug.

We spent last Saturday night at the Porter's home and had so much fun visiting! I cut Nicole's hair while the boys played some Monopoly Deal and then we all settled in for a long game of Settlers of Catan. Nicole ended up coming from behind as we all tried to take down Josh who was in the lead for the whole game. It was a blast spending the evening with them! We love Blake and Nicole.

It is A LOT of fun when we get extra time together to make lasting memories. We just love this great life we live!
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Josh and his drill.

It was HUGE!

Some awesome clouds.

Blake, you are very good at your
serious face. 

I think Josh and I need to work on our funny faces...

We love hanging out with the Porters! 

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