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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

If "a busy life is a happy life" then we are good to go.

I think they are getting a little too
big for the carrier...
Miles and Benji
The boys are fast, they are quick and they are very very busy. They can get anywhere they want/need to go and they don't let anything that is in there way slow them down. They often work together to reach their goals, and I find them both getting into trouble all of the time. What one baby doesn't think of, the other does!
Grandpa Murphy told me that I need to lace up my track shoes because these two will keep me running until the sun goes down. Sheesh, I think I will need to sleep with my track shoes on! Benji and Milo love to play and they keep us on our toes, but we are happy and you know what they say, "a busy life is a happy life". Well, we are definitely busy and happier than we have ever been and I am pretty confident that we won't slow down anytime soon.
We made it down to the pool on a particularly sunny
day. The water was freezing cold, but
once we got used to it, it was a blast!

Even if it only lasted for 15 minutes.
Benji and Milo

We came right inside to a warm bath.
Miles and Benji

Benji loves sitting forward!

Miles tries very hard to fit everything
into his mouth at once.

Benji got stuck trying to reach that
fascinating toy. Oh wait,
it was just a plastic lid.

Out for our morning stroll around the
apartment complex and getting
distracted by the birds.
Benji and Milo

We attempted the pool again. It was a warmer day,
but the water was just as cold..
Miles and Benji

Benji got totally relaxed in his floaty.

Miles really didn't want the cold
water to touch his back.

Such cute boys!

Joshua, looking like a pro!

The boys like to help Mom out
with her budgeting and blogging.
Miles and Benji

Josh was pretty proud of his first
Best Buds.
Benji and Milo
They love seeing themselves in
the camera.
Miles and Benjamin

Miles had fun in Dad's car.

Watch out, ladies!

So cute.

Strike a pose.

Dad's graduation tassel is the best toy!
We all love quality weekend time with daddy.
We didn't have as big of a photo shoot
in the van, but Benji and I had just as much fun!
Benji loves sitting in the front seat.

Practicing the rainbow during bathtime.

So cute! Miles is thinking, "Mom, STOP taking
pictures already!" and Benji is thinking, "Keep getting
distracted taking pictures, Mom. This face can get me
out of any trouble."

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