Murphy Memories

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The wonderful life of adorable babies.

The boys are getting really good at
Benji got himself a little black eye with
a traumatic fall onto the chair. 
The boys are growing taller, bigger and cuter by the day. I didn't think it was possible, but they continue to surprise me. They keep me on my toes but keep a smile on my face the whole time and I wouldn't want it any other way! Life is pretty good here on the home-front.

The look pretty darn cute.
Miles and Benjamin

We get pretty cozy during Tarzan and Mom's
lap just isn't big enough anymore. 

Miles and Benji

The boys look pretty dapper in their
new shoes. Thanks Grandma Murphy! 
I think I am their new favorite
jungle gym. 
Miles is fascinated with lips and teeth.  
Miles has found his new favorite
sleeping position.

Josh enduring some rain while setting
up chairs for the Easter pageant. 
The boys latch on to my legs when I don't
have food ready in time. 

The boys love our early morning walks. 

Miles and Benji

Benji and Miles just watching me
put the stroller back into the car.
Thanks for the encouragement, guys.
Benjamin is getting so good at standing! 

Miles, looking so handsome. 

Hey there, Milo-Bean! 

Such big boys!

They get a little sick of me taking pictures...

See? These are what I call the stink faces. 


Benji likes to try and crawl under
their toy. He hasn't figured out
that he is just a little too big...
Bath time! Benji and Miles

Milo and Benjamin

Smiles all around! 

Such cute bi boys! 

Benji took Milo's spoon. 

Then Benji dropped the spoon.
Bath time didn't last too much longer.
Miles loves lounging on the couch. 

He loves chewing on my headband. 

Benji, you are adorable, my dear. 

Benji loves playing with his shadow. 

Milo, sitting like a big boy.

Sir Benji loves his shadow! 

Benji loved laying in the sun but like his Grandma
and Dad, he does not do well with opening
his eyes when it is bright. So, he played and
kicked with his eyes squinted closed. 

Miles and Benji found their new favorite lounge spot.

We are representing Chuck Taylors pretty wel
l I think. 
Benji loves his books. 
The boys out on the patio catching
some rays. It is the only way I can get
some vacuuming done. 
Totally relaxed during Tarzan.
I promise we don't watch as much as it seems we do. 


  1. Oh they are SO CUTE! Love the chucks. Also, we tried out Tarzan the other day. Lincoln liked parts of it and was totally over it at other parts... we'll have to keep trying ha ha.

  2. Ha! I love them locked out on the patio so you can vacuum. Gotta do what you gotta do!