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Thursday, April 23, 2015

12 months old!

The week of their birthday I kept thinking back to the year before and what we were doing at that exact time. It was weird to remember about all of the emotions and feelings that Josh and I were feeling that week and all of the excitement thinking about our two boys entering the world. A year ago, I had gone 14 hours without food, and Josh had spent the whole day beckoning to my every call. A year ago, I was munching on ice chips and Josh was rubbing my feet and holding my hand. A year ago, we welcomed our two beautiful boys into the world.
There have been rough nights, throw ups, blow outs and tears, but remembering our life before our boys is like trying to remember a movie we watched years ago. We have never been happier and we have our two little toddlers (AHH) to thank for that!
Happy 1st Birthday, baby boys, we are so glad you are ours!
Here are some things they are up to now that they have officially graduated from babyhood:

  • They can both crawl very very fast.
  • They understand the word "No" but choose to ignore it almost every time.
  • They are both standing up and walking along the furniture.
  • Benji weighed in at 21 pounds (25-50th percentile), measured 31.5 inches (95th percentile) with his head circumfrence at 19 inches (95th percentile). 
  • He loves to eat.We havent found a food he doesn't like.
  • He loves chasing his brother.
  • He loves giving some slobbery kisses.
  • Benji is very good at singing (screaming) along with the Hymns at church.
  • He still loves to talk and talks ALL of the time.
  • He loves laughing with Milo.
  • He loves getting thrown into the air. 
  • Benji is very good at feeding himself and loves to practice.
Benji and Milo
  • Milo weighed in at 21 pounds (25-50th percentile), measured at 30.5 inces (95-90th percentile), with his head circumfrence at 19 inches (95th percentile).
  • He loves spinning and rolling his toys on the floor.
  • He is more picky with foods than his brother. I have to sneak in veggies with foods he enjoys. (peas with sweet potatoes, green beans with mashed potatoes, beans with rice)
  • He loves egging his brother on. He will crawl away from Benji, then turn around and smile until Benji follows.
  • He is not very good at holding still, especially in church.
  • He loves bouncing on Mom and Dad's bed. 
  • Miles loves feeding himself and enjoys practicing.
  • He will pout in between bites if he isn't getting fruit. 

Our boys are fearless and very curious which makes is just a little bit nervous for toddler-hood, but we are so excited to watch them learn and grow. This year has gone by faster than any other, but we are so happy to have them here healthy and happy. Life is good!

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  1. A year already?! Time flies! They are so cute Hailee. They remind me Oliver at that age. He was (and still is) such a stinker at church!