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Friday, May 8, 2015

The Crazy Weekend at Home

Both boys tried to fit under their music box.
It didn't work out too well. 
It was 8:00 on Friday, April 24th, when I got a text from my mom. "It's here!" What?! Tyler's mission call was there, in Idaho, just waiting to be opened. I sent text back that said, "I'm tempted to drive up and be there when he opens it!" Well, after a few minutes, I realized that with the help of Josh, I could actually make that work! Tyler wouldn't be opening the call until Saturday evening anyways, and Josh didn't have school on Friday. So Josh and I talked it through. We weighed all of the pros and cons and by 11:15 I was on the road, headed to Idaho. Josh offered to stay home with the boys and I drove up to Idaho by myself to surprise my family. Yes, 28 hours of driving all by myself, but Josh definitely had the harder job. By 4:00 that day it was the longest he had ever been alone with the boys and it was the longest that I had ever been away. But Josh enjoyed his one on one time with them and I personally enjoyed every minute of the car ride all by myself. Ryan and Katelyn were aware of the surprise and Ryan met me in Lehi to drive the last stretch with me and Kate let me inside at 3:30 when we pulled in. It was a long day, but well worth it in the end. Thanks, Ryan for helping me out! I owe ya.
Dad caught Miles hiding in the corner with his blanket.
Milo, Milo, Milo...

Dad LOVES Benji's "alfalfa" hairs.

They won't go down! 
Josh went grocery shopping with the boys,
all by himself! 

Miles and Benjamin

Josh spent the weekend picking
his favorite of all the Mountain Dews.

Milo loves his big truck!

The Porter's were kind enough
to feed a friend in need.
Thanks, guys! 

You've gotta be quick!

A cute little bum after the bath.

Well, hi there Miles! Don't you look cute!

Please don't pee on the
entertainment center...

All relaxed and ready for some bed. 

Meanwhile, in Idaho...
It was so good to be home. I missed
my favorite little nephew!

I got to hold Charlie all day long. :)
Our "go to" pose that I like to call
the "sassy shoulder".
Fun at the park.
Charlie and Macie
Add caption
Just hanging out with Sophie!
Elder Fredrickson, called to Novosibirsk, RUSSIA!!
We couldn't be more proud :)
It was a long weekend for the both of us, but it was so sweet of Josh to let me go. Being there was an experience I will never forget! We are so proud of Tyler and his decision to serve a mission and the example he is setting for our boys!

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