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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wrapping up our May

Well, May came and went in the blink of an eye! Seriously, we need to find the secret to making time slow down. Luckily we filled our days with fun and we are looking forward to June!
Right now the boys are getting SO close to walking and have begun to say their first words. Benji can say, "duck" and Miles says, "momma". It is pretty darn cute. They also stick their tongues out like lizards, waddle like penguins, do elephant sounds (complete with the trunk), snake sounds, monkey sounds and fish sounds. We are loving this new stage and all of the fun that comes with it! Oh, and they are OBSESSED with wheels. They love to spin any set of wheels they can get their hands on!
Drinking some afternoon smoothies
for snack time.  Benji and Miles

They have found a new purpose
for the play mat. 

Miles, lace looks pretty
good on you.

Benji, don't worry,
you don't have to keep it on.

Happy 4th anniversary to us! 

The boys are into everything. 

They do make a pretty good team!
Miles and Benjamin

And Mom makes a pretty
good stepping stool.

Just swinging on the swings!
Benji and Milo

We found an amazing saucer like
swing at the park and the boys
LOVED it. Benji almost
fell asleep.

Benji loves the big boy swing! 

Oh, what a blast.

Miles got a turn too and couldn't
get enough. 

Miles loves giving kisses.  
Luckily Benji doesn't mind the extra love.

Benji slipped in the tub
and got an adorable black eye.

We love Daddy! 

Miles and Benji, getting
into/onto everything. 

Benji, why do you have pants on your head?

Looking pretty good on your truck, Benji.

Miles and Benjamin.

"I won't smile for mom if you don't." This twin
telepathy is killing me. 

Oh, just playing on our "fort". 

Miles and Benji

Don't they look so long in this one?
Sheesh, our babies aren't babies anymore!

Smiles from Miles.


Nice bubble, Benjamin! 

Miles, looking so handsome. 

Teething got the best of us today and with cranky
babies and a rainy we quickly ran out of activities.
So, they helped me finish a painting. 

Miles and Benji

Loving the paint! 

Paint. Everywhere.
I didn't really think through the process of
getting them from the patio to the tub...

They sure loved the green water! 

Miles spinning the wheels on his favorite car. 

Another picture for good measure. It isn't often
that he sits still long enough for a picture! 
Benji loves the wheels on his little toy car. 
Benji wasn't feeling too good and
just gave up when he realized
the toy box was too far away.
Poor guy!

Benji and Milo LOVE bath time.
Scrambling to find the wheels on
the suitcases before Mom got
out of the bathroom. 

The clouds are SO pretty after a rainstorm.

We found some friendly ducks
at the pond! 

The boys could swing on this swing
all day long. 

Miles found a new favorite spot.

"Hey look, this puts me closer
to the cords that mom won't
let me pull!"

So close!

Benji loves sitting in the basket
with all of his friends. 
The boys love opening the cabinets.

and getting into everything...

Miles and Benji

Any cabinet just calls their name!

What ya doing in there, Benji?

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  1. They are little boys now! Not little babies!! AHHH!!! Where did time go?!