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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Grandma comes to visit

Grandma and Benjamin 
We love when Grandma comes to visit. She brings so much love and energy with her from Idaho. In fact, we are always a little bummed when the weekend comes to a close because it always seems to go by too quickly.
We spent the weekend eating some yummy food (for future reference, we ate at Backyard Taco and it was AMAZING), went shopping, walked around the Mesa temple and went on a lot of walks. We all had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of her company. Thanks for the visit, sweet Meema, we are already looking forward to next time.
Joshy and Milo

Benji loved the swings! 
Milo couldn't get enough. 

Miles loves park days with Daddy.

Miles loves his new ride. 

Posing for Grandma.

Milo-Bean, cracking himself up.

Such good buds! 
Too cute, Benji, too cute. 

Thanks for the pity laugh, Milo, we worked really
hard for it! Benji is a tougher crowd...

The boys love their new fort
they got from Grandma.

Miles, what does a lizard say?

Miles loves having another
someone to read to him. 

Benji didn't really want his picture taken...

Oh wait, neither did Miles. 

There we go! Those are some good looking boys,
if I do say so myself. 
Miles is always excited after
a good nights sleep. 
Benji is very well rested, but
wants his food as fast as possible!
Benji and Milo love Uncle Trev's bracelets.

Sheesh, by the time we get them both looking
 at the camera, no one has the energy to smile. 

Laughing with Grandma. 

We love bath time!
Benji and Milo

Grandma is so funny! 

Having a good ol' time. 

Benji, do you want out? 

Milo, you are so cute! 

Especially when you pull this face...
Benji loved playing peek-a-boo with Grandma.

So much fun!

The boys love their new tent.
Thanks again, Grandma!

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