Murphy Memories

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Company and the Big Birthday Bash

Milo lounging around with Grandpa.

Happy Birthday to you.
Dad and Katelyn came down for the weekend of Benji and Milo's birthday and we sure enjoyed their company! We filled our days with fun activities and laughed a lot. We watched Tarzan (at the boys' request), and The Avengers (Dad's request), played some Mario Party mini-games (Dad, Kate and I competed at the same level while Josh won pretty much every game...), went swimming and ate some delicious food. It was so much fun having them around! The boys just loved spending time with their Grandpa. Kate was a big help with the boys and changed more diapers than I care to admit. Thanks for the fun weekend, we can't wait to see you both again.
Headed out for some birthday shopping!

A year ago today we were headed out the
door with the same bag in tow, ready
to meet our little boys for the very
first time!
Time is a weird thing. Our boys
are so big!
Benji and Milo
Benji and Milo love Aunt Kate

Benji and Miles are ready for cake...
so, let them eat cake!
They aren't quite sure what to do...
Getting closer!
There ya go, Benji!
Now what, Mom?
Mom, can I wash my hands now?
Nice work, Miles!
They loved the frosting. But once they realized how sticky
they were, they didn't want any more! 
So a nice warm bath came next.
Benji and Milo

Such good buds.
Benji got a kick out of Grandpa's jokes. 
Such cute toddlers! 
We are so thrilled that Mom made us sit here for a picture...
What do you expect me to do with the
wrapped ones, mom?
We love the new ride. Thanks
Grandma and Grandpa Murphy!

Nice work, Benji!
Looking pretty fly. 

We love being outside, even if the
water is pretty much below freezing.

It took Grandpa about 15 minutes
just to get this deep.

Kate was in charge of taking
pictures. This one topped them all :)

Where are Josh's legs?

Dad, just jump in, the water's great!


Milo loved splashing in the water! 
We love splashing especially
when we get to splash cold
water on Grandpa.
The sun was VERY bright.

Nice work, Benjamin!

Trying to snuggle and get warm.

Miles was so cold!

Benji snuggling with Dad.
Miles looking pretty cute in
his beach hat and towel.

Grandpa loves his birthday boys!
And the birthday boys love their Grandpa.
Kate, you are the perfect size
for that slide.
Benji and mom, Grandpa and Milo
We are going to miss all of the love from
Grandpa and Aunt Katelyn. 
Milo and Kate.

Kate and Benji

Getting some delicious lunch before the airport. 

We love you, Aunt Katelyn!

we will miss you, Grandpa!
Until next time, Kate,

until next time.

These crazy pictures will
have to hold us over until then.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Benji and Miles! We remember when you were born! We were so excited to meet you. You're a whole YEAR OLD now! It's amazing! You are both so cute and we miss you!

  2. How fun! I always get so sad when company has to leave. They never stay long enough!