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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mom and Trev Came to Visit!

Benji, Grandma and Milo reading some books.
Grandma Murphy and Trevor came down to visit for the weekend and we wore ourselves out! We went on a lot of walks around the complex, visited the duck pond, went shopping, took the boys out to Thai food, and went hot tubbing. It was an exciting weekend full of fun and good visits.

Thai food was an adventure though. We had been shopping for about two hours before we decided we were all pretty hungry so we left to go to the restaurant. I didn't anticipate the boys being sick of sitting (20 minutes in the car to and from the mall, and two hours in the stroller). In my head it was going to work really well to take them out because they can feed themselves, and sit really well on their own. Well, I learned my lesson. Three hours is WAY too long for the babies (especially Miles) to sit. They (especially Milo) wanted to move and crawl and didn't want anything to do with dinner and their high chairs. So after our Tom Yum soup, we asked the hostess to bag up our entrees so we could just take them home. It all worked well after that. The boys were very glad to be home with room to play and we were all very happy to have happy boys and food in our tummies.
Miles loves his carseat.
It was a blast having company here and although we were all pretty exhausted afterwards, we wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks for visiting, Mom and Trev!

Miles and Benji loving bath time.
Benji, posing for the camera.

Miles and Benji

Milo loves the camera AND bath time! 

Benji screams the whole time.
Miles and Benji, captivated during Tarzan.
Posing for the camera.

Miles, Mom, Dad and Benji after church. 

Trev, Miles, Grandma and Benji

Benji being his cute self. 
Miles, Mom, Dad and Benji playing outside.

Trevor, Miles, Benji and Grandm
Such cute boys!
Milo and Benji

The boys love spending time with
their daddy! 

Grandma and Milo singing some songs.
Miles loves the camera. 

Miles was one captivated audience! 

Benji trying on Dad's hat.

We love warm Arizona weather. 

Benji, playing the air drums with dad.

Milo, Grandma and Benji
reading some of the favorite books.
Benji, and Miles reading with Uncle Trev. 
Sending a group picture to Dad! 
Yummy popcorn made us miss dad. 

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