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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Last Bit of February

Tyler played really well during his last
basketball season. So well in fact, that Josh
often watched his games at school with
all of the boys he studies with. Very cool! 
 Our February went by too quickly (story of my life) but we made some wonderful memories along the way. Here are some of the major events we just to happened to catch on camera.
Miles and Benji can now hold their
bottles up completely on their own.
Miles loves being able to sit up in the shopping cart.

Benji loves his new summer hat. 

Miles being silly. 

All smiles from Miles! 

Like I said, they are getting pretty good
with the bottles. 

Miles and Benji

Miles loves taking out all of the wipes and
fighting with mom over the new diaper.

We play drums on dad's Avengers tin! 

Miles and Benji love the park, especially when we get
to watch Dad play some ultimate Frisbee.

Benji and Milo

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