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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Photos Galore

We love taking pictures of our adorable boys, what parent doesn't? So instead of writing the same little paragraph about how our days are filled with sunshine, laughter and adventure, I will just skip ahead to the fun pictures. Here we go.
After a quick little bathroom break, I came back to find
the boys getting into some trouble. 

I don't think Miles was too excited I caught them
and Benji was bailing, as if I it was Miles
 who put him inside the dresser.


"Whatever did I do wrong, Mother?"

They are pretty good at the "stink"eye. 

Miles doing his "stink" eye.

I caught Miles giving the window some kisses. 

Miles knows how to work the camera. 

Miles and Benji, catching some rays out on the porch.
They look so cute in their little sun hats! M and B

Happy St. Patrick's Day! -Milo

Happy St. Patrick's Day! -Benji
Milo's new trick, a headstand! 

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